About Larry Love University!

Our goal is to teach every student how to use a project-based hands-on approach to solving real world problems using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

LLU is an accredited 501c3 Not-For-Profit Public Institution of Higher Learning licensed and Registered in the State of Oklahoma.

  • At LLU we oversee all logistical aspects of your education, from registration and class selection, to monitoring students performance.
  • LLU Instructors are experts in their field of study and they maintain strong relationships with businesses and Governmental Agencies worldwide.
  • Our professors and Alumni members are currently playing key roles on many high-profile projects.

What can you donate?

  • You can donate cash, real estate, inventory, stocks, bonds, and more!
  • Once you make a contribution to LLU, you’ll receive a tax receipt which will make you eligible for a yearly tax deduction.
  • You may need to initiate your donation early because some assets take longer to accept and process than others.
  • Please call us with any questions regarding which assets we accept and the time required for acceptance and processing.